A warm welcome for Antwerpen Agency

Welcome to Antwerpen Agency



We started Birnstar back in 2010. Setting up our distribution/ sales agency with brands like NeilPryde Bikes and Xenon Kiteboarding. In the mean time we are getting closer to a 10 year existence! During the launch we came across Patrick van der Graaff, owner of Rotterdam Agency who was selling Dainese Protection, focussing on snow protection. After the first meetings we connected and from 2012 we started our cooperation with the brand Dainese. Rotterdam Agency focussed on winter protection while with Birnstar we took care of bike protection.

During all these years we both focussed more on winter-sports and strengthened our cooperation. This way we created more appeal for brands to attack the complete Benelux area. In the 7 years we are working together we  achieved a great portfolio, on which  we are very proud of. Now it’s time to make a statement in the Benelux region with a great shout out. We are the sales agency to work with.

All of you know us as Birnstar, the sales agency that focusses on the best lifestyle products. Our portfolio exists out of brands like 686, ABS Airbags, Arbor Snowboards, Douchebags, Dainese, Faction Ski’s & Roxy Ski’s. Brands that are beautiful, with great potential! With most of our brands we mainly focus on the Belgium and Luxembourg market, but not all of you know that we cooperate with our business with Rotterdam Agency. Rotterdam Agency, who focuses on the Dutch market, with most of the same brands. A logical next step is launching Antwerpen Agency!


Benelux Agency, which is  based in Rotterdam, will be the main business unit for the both agencies.  These partner agencies will attack their own specific territories in  the Netherlands, Belgium and the Luxembourg area.  For all of you who know us, will mainly come across the brands Rotterdam- and Antwerpen Agency.  As a result, these will sell our brand portfolio to our clients in the specific region. Due to this new brand management and integration we are strengthening our portfolio and will bring a clear vision onto the market.



For us this cooperation is all clear and works great. But for most of you this does not ring a bell.  Integration will be our key word for the future. To highlight this integration we announce our launch of Antwerpen Agency. If you see this great logo, next to the one of Rotterdam Agency you’ll see the similarities in between the logo’s.

I will go a little deeper into detail. Antwerpen Agency will be the new name of Birnstar,  in other words this is only a cosmetic change. We will still be responsible for the same sales territory and most importantly working with the same brand portfolio.



Rotterdam Agency, similarly to Antwerpen Agency doesn’t not go trough a name change. They are responsible for the same sales territory, which is mainly the Netherlands and most importantly working with the same brand portfolio.



Integration is our keyword for the future and the future will be bright.

Enjoy the snowy powderfields which are laying ahead in future winter.




Faction Dictator 2



We are welcoming a new brand.

Introducing a new brand.



First of all, we  have great news to present you all. Next to the brands Faction, Roxy and Douchebags, we are  proudly announcing a new brand  in our portfolio, called Houdini. Now you are thinking that mister “Harry Handcuff Houdini” is not appearing anymore, as he left us only with his great magiccian tricks. But this Swedish brand creates one of the best outdoor clothing.  Furthermore it uses a clean design and they are experts in making base-layers of stretch fleece. Products that keep you warm and will dry fast, but are also lighter to pack and let you go further. Next to all the major product developments, Houdini  turnes the majority of their products from a linear production cycle into a circular one. As a result it means that  most of the products are manufactured from recycled material or is biodegradable.  To prolong the life of the products further and to be careful with resources they have something they call their Re-projects. With Re-projects we focus on  repairs, re-use and or recycle

All these core values are very important to us and is a great match with our sales strategy. Even for the future,  if we want to keep playing outdoors. Keep yourself open minden and get surprised by the Houdini Menu……





What do you think we are? Are we Douchebags or not?

Introducing the new Limited Jon Olsson Camo edition.

Douchebags, DB, Limited Jon Olsson Camo edition, George the rollsOne week ago Douchebags took over social media, while introducing the DB Limited Jon Olsson Camo Edition. The introduction contains a heavily rebuild Rolls Royce Wraith, with his signature camouflage wrap. Not to mention the name of the Rolls, which is George the Rolls.  Of course it’s your opinion to like or dislike the build, but the introduction is a great feed for the new line of Douchebags. The new limited color way brings the DB Base 15l, the DB Hugger 30l , DB the Big Bastard and the Douchebag itself. As you might have seen it was a crazy introduction as always.Don’t be sad, we bring you good news. The Douchebags webshop is almost sold out , but our retailers in the Benelux will receive their stock this upcoming week. This means that you are able to buy yours at our retailers spread through the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. Go out there and look for your best match.






George the Rolls, J.O. CamoThen the meaning of Douchebags: ‘an obnoxious or contemptible person, typically a man’ . So are we?  I do not think so. You can of course make your own decision and let us know in the comments, but from my point of view this introduction is really smart. We will update you with more to come as this year will be interesting.












In the mean time check out the VLOG of Jon Olsson where he introduces ‘George the Rolls’ and his DB Limited Jon Olsson Camo edition line. You link down below or search him on YouTube, where he already has a lot of followers.





Testing Snowboards V’Italy Style and adding photos

Testing 2018 Snowboards in Italy and adding Photos in our website

It has been a while since we updated our BLOG with some news. But we always think it has to add something.

So here we go. Last weeks were all about sales. Selling our products to our retail partners, by meeting up in our showroom or going by there shop to show the program. By now we are closing the sale season and we would like to thank all of our retail partners for their trust and cooperation with us!


Next to important things like ‘sales’,  we are trying to build our social media network, like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube to a higher level. A task not easy as not every of our retail partner is active on social media.  We make it easy for you what we are doing, with events, rides, likes and much more, we have entered a new section in our website, called PHOTOS. Here we present our social media pictures, by using the #birnstar.  So if you have anything interesting for us and is related with us, you can always use this hashtag. If you just would like to follow us, then go to our Birnstar Instagram and click follow.

Testing Snowboards, Birnstar Instagram
Testing Snowboards / Instagram account


Testing Snowboards V’Italy Style

Like every year we also organise the Snowboard test for 333media (Maruba). This year we are invited in the beautiful Italian Alps (South Tirol) Sulden Am Ortler for testing snowboards. A nice small village on an elevation of 2000mtrs. A perfect hide out to test the 2018 snowboards. Interesting fact; a lot of brands are entering the test with snowboards designed for piste carving. You would think that we going back to the 90’s, but as you know, all good thing come back.  In this case  brands are following a trend that was entered by Korua Snowboards, with their ‘Yurning and Turning’, and is now followed by a big part of the mainstream snowboard brands. The good thing is it’s bringing back the fun in snowboarding. New carve tricks are invented and even more important, customers are relating to this style. Much easier then sending a quadruple trick in a superpark.

Check out the video’s that is presented on our YouTube Channel, where you can get a quick overview of this 2018 Snowboardtest in Sulden am Ortler.

If you like the video, give it a thumbs up or even better, subscribe to our channel.



Using ‘the Douchebag’ as alternative transport

A Douchebag is coming through.

Last weeks are very busy, as we are in full swing with our winter 17/18 sales campaign. We have a lot of appointments in our showroom to show the new collections of the brands to our collaborating retail partners and it’s paying off. We see a lot of interest, which of course makes us very happy. On some days we also do have some bumps in the road and we need to deliver some extra service. In the this Wepisode ‘A Douchebag is coming through’ you will see one those days with a speed bump. During this day we have several appointments in our showroom and we have to transport ski’s to our showroom. We will show you an option ‘with a smile’ to transport the ski’s, if your van is full ;-). Before we hook’em up, we will explain the easy of use of the DB ‘the Douchebag’.


Service extraordinair.

Sometimes it seems that nothing works as it should. Like the express delivery for Zwerver. They ordered some Dynafit TLT Superlight bindings for a customer that needed them as soon as possible. Unfortunately the package was not cleared customs and was not on time. We checked our options and it seems that another retailer of Dynafit , OutdoorXL,  had them on stock. So we decide to help out and drove from Antwerp to Barendrecht and back to Herentals to help out. A three hour trip, to make a retailer happy.


Check out our new Wepisode on Youtube and if you like it please Subscribe to our Channel.





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The YouTube Channel for unique online clinics

And we are live with our You Tube Channel. We know you are searching for interesting and exclusive story’s about people and news. Providing you and our retail partners the best clinics, events and much more. We will talk about our avalanche safety brands like ARVA Safety Equipment and ABS Airbags. Every new season we will bring you new products online and will bring out some unique stories of doing sales on the road.

It would be great if you subscribe to our Youtube Channel, so you can stay up to date of our business and brands. Brands like Faction, Roxy, Douchebags, Dainese, Dynafit, Salewa, 686, Northwave, and SP.



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Preparation for the Winter showroom are in full swing!

Wintershowroom 2017 / 2018


We are in full swing, preparing our new winter showroom in Antwerp (Ranst). Getting all salesmen samples in position, so we are able to show you the best products available. From next week you can find the products of Faction, Dynafit, Salewa, Roxy, ARVA, Douchebags, Nortwave, Drake, ABS, en SP in the showroom. If you want an appointment with us, please contact us. Next to that we will visit ISPO as well. We will be available there on Sunday and Monday 5-6th of February.


In the mean time enjoy our introduction of our Winter Showroom.



We wish you all a remarkable and magnificent 2017!

Welcome in a magnificent 2017!


  • A new year will bring new chances
  • A new year will bring new opportunities
  • A new year will bring you a new start

Therefor we from Birnstar wish you all a magnificent 2017!

As you know this will mean different things to every different person. For us to get a magnificent 2017  this means we are searching for;


  • a snowy season with lots of turns on powder snow
  • a safe year in the mountains we all love
  • being responsible and still challenge yourself
  • getting the adventures you love both in the snow or on the bike

New this new year, we have a new website launched and via this medium we will keep you up to date with movies, clinics, events and much more.

Most of this information will help our clients with expanding brand awareness, getting detailed product information as well as events we are active on. Our clients can also log in to find all up to date price lists of the brands we are active for. Also you as consumer can find detailed product information with help of video’s and enjoy our event movies.

Also for warranty you can use our warranty page to fill in the problem. Please note this is only a service for the clients we are working with and will not be replied for consumer direct services.

In conclusion; thanks in advance and enjoy this new year!


Birnstar wish you all a magnificent 2017




New Website online! Ready to serve you.

A great new tool for you!

We just have our new website launched. On our new site we tried to improve our service and experience of Distribution of Lifestyle products. Opposite our old site, we have made it more interactive and now can be a great tool for you. Everybody searching for our brands can download catalogues of the brands we are responsible for. Furthermore you can also download price lists via our website . While these price lists can only be downloaded by our partners with a protected password. As a result of frequent questions concerning warranty issues, our partners can now  use the  website to forward warranty issues, more important, you can update us easily and we can transfer this quickly to a solution.

We bring experience!

NEW is our  blog section, where you will find our pictures, movies and more about experiences of our products. Especially relevant is that we would like to service  a better experience to what we do, but furthermore we want you to enjoy our new website.


New Website, FGHS, corduroy, Solden, Birnstar, Faction
Keizer Wetter during the FGHS Solden Test Event