We are welcoming a new brand.

Introducing a new brand.



First of all, we  have great news to present you all. Next to the brands Faction, Roxy and Douchebags, we are  proudly announcing a new brand  in our portfolio, called Houdini. Now you are thinking that mister “Harry Handcuff Houdini” is not appearing anymore, as he left us only with his great magiccian tricks. But this Swedish brand creates one of the best outdoor clothing.  Furthermore it uses a clean design and they are experts in making base-layers of stretch fleece. Products that keep you warm and will dry fast, but are also lighter to pack and let you go further. Next to all the major product developments, Houdini  turnes the majority of their products from a linear production cycle into a circular one. As a result it means that  most of the products are manufactured from recycled material or is biodegradable.  To prolong the life of the products further and to be careful with resources they have something they call their Re-projects. With Re-projects we focus on  repairs, re-use and or recycle

All these core values are very important to us and is a great match with our sales strategy. Even for the future,  if we want to keep playing outdoors. Keep yourself open minden and get surprised by the Houdini Menu……





What do you think we are? Are we Douchebags or not?

Introducing the new Limited Jon Olsson Camo edition.

Douchebags, DB, Limited Jon Olsson Camo edition, George the rollsOne week ago Douchebags took over social media, while introducing the DB Limited Jon Olsson Camo Edition. The introduction contains a heavily rebuild Rolls Royce Wraith, with his signature camouflage wrap. Not to mention the name of the Rolls, which is George the Rolls.  Of course it’s your opinion to like or dislike the build, but the introduction is a great feed for the new line of Douchebags. The new limited color way brings the DB Base 15l, the DB Hugger 30l , DB the Big Bastard and the Douchebag itself. As you might have seen it was a crazy introduction as always.Don’t be sad, we bring you good news. The Douchebags webshop is almost sold out , but our retailers in the Benelux will receive their stock this upcoming week. This means that you are able to buy yours at our retailers spread through the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. Go out there and look for your best match.






George the Rolls, J.O. CamoThen the meaning of Douchebags: ‘an obnoxious or contemptible person, typically a man’ . So are we?  I do not think so. You can of course make your own decision and let us know in the comments, but from my point of view this introduction is really smart. We will update you with more to come as this year will be interesting.












In the mean time check out the VLOG of Jon Olsson where he introduces ‘George the Rolls’ and his DB Limited Jon Olsson Camo edition line. You link down below or search him on YouTube, where he already has a lot of followers.