A warm welcome for Antwerpen Agency

Welcome to Antwerpen Agency



We started Birnstar back in 2010. Setting up our distribution/ sales agency with brands like NeilPryde Bikes and Xenon Kiteboarding. In the mean time we are getting closer to a 10 year existence! During the launch we came across Patrick van der Graaff, owner of Rotterdam Agency who was selling Dainese Protection, focussing on snow protection. After the first meetings we connected and from 2012 we started our cooperation with the brand Dainese. Rotterdam Agency focussed on winter protection while with Birnstar we took care of bike protection.

During all these years we both focussed more on winter-sports and strengthened our cooperation. This way we created more appeal for brands to attack the complete Benelux area. In the 7 years we are working together we  achieved a great portfolio, on which  we are very proud of. Now it’s time to make a statement in the Benelux region with a great shout out. We are the sales agency to work with.

All of you know us as Birnstar, the sales agency that focusses on the best lifestyle products. Our portfolio exists out of brands like 686, ABS Airbags, Arbor Snowboards, Douchebags, Dainese, Faction Ski’s & Roxy Ski’s. Brands that are beautiful, with great potential! With most of our brands we mainly focus on the Belgium and Luxembourg market, but not all of you know that we cooperate with our business with Rotterdam Agency. Rotterdam Agency, who focuses on the Dutch market, with most of the same brands. A logical next step is launching Antwerpen Agency!


Benelux Agency, which is  based in Rotterdam, will be the main business unit for the both agencies.  These partner agencies will attack their own specific territories in  the Netherlands, Belgium and the Luxembourg area.  For all of you who know us, will mainly come across the brands Rotterdam- and Antwerpen Agency.  As a result, these will sell our brand portfolio to our clients in the specific region. Due to this new brand management and integration we are strengthening our portfolio and will bring a clear vision onto the market.



For us this cooperation is all clear and works great. But for most of you this does not ring a bell.  Integration will be our key word for the future. To highlight this integration we announce our launch of Antwerpen Agency. If you see this great logo, next to the one of Rotterdam Agency you’ll see the similarities in between the logo’s.

I will go a little deeper into detail. Antwerpen Agency will be the new name of Birnstar,  in other words this is only a cosmetic change. We will still be responsible for the same sales territory and most importantly working with the same brand portfolio.



Rotterdam Agency, similarly to Antwerpen Agency doesn’t not go trough a name change. They are responsible for the same sales territory, which is mainly the Netherlands and most importantly working with the same brand portfolio.



Integration is our keyword for the future and the future will be bright.

Enjoy the snowy powderfields which are laying ahead in future winter.




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