We wish you all a remarkable and magnificent 2017!

Welcome in a magnificent 2017!


  • A new year will bring new chances
  • A new year will bring new opportunities
  • A new year will bring you a new start

Therefor we from Birnstar wish you all a magnificent 2017!

As you know this will mean different things to every different person. For us to get a magnificent 2017  this means we are searching for;


  • a snowy season with lots of turns on powder snow
  • a safe year in the mountains we all love
  • being responsible and still challenge yourself
  • getting the adventures you love both in the snow or on the bike

New this new year, we have a new website launched and via this medium we will keep you up to date with movies, clinics, events and much more.

Most of this information will help our clients with expanding brand awareness, getting detailed product information as well as events we are active on. Our clients can also log in to find all up to date price lists of the brands we are active for. Also you as consumer can find detailed product information with help of video’s and enjoy our event movies.

Also for warranty you can use our warranty page to fill in the problem. Please note this is only a service for the clients we are working with and will not be replied for consumer direct services.

In conclusion; thanks in advance and enjoy this new year!


Birnstar wish you all a magnificent 2017